On-Demand Digital Printing

Why commit resources to printed materials that take up valuable space or may become obsolete? Print Time’s fast turnaround and simplified ordering process make on-demand digital printing a convenient, cost-effective and smart approach for your company.

Order As You Go

Eliminate storage and obsolescence issues
Print Time’s on-demand digital printing makes it highly cost efficient to order as you go.

Cost savings
Ordering as you go is more than just convenient, it saves you money. You can reduce storage costs, increase cash flow and keep your materials up-to-date to eliminate waste.

More powerful materials
On-demand digital printing gives you the flexibility to tailor your message to your readers. By creating powerful one-to-one marketing pieces, you’ll improve your response rate and get a greater return on your printing investment.

Enhanced Security and Reliability

Authorized users
Print Time’s online print ordering portal is password protected, giving you complete control over which of your employees has access to the service.

Highly reliable
On-demand digital printing is available through our online site 24/7/365. The service has maintained a 99.95% uptime, so it’s available virtually anytime you need it.

Maintain Corporate Standards & Compliance Policies

Consistent image
Present a consistent look and message to customers in everything you print, regardless of who ordered it. User’s can personalize their materials with specific customer or contact information – all while automatically adhering to your company’s brand guidelines.

Approved template
Simply have your legal and marketing department review and approve the initial template. All subsequent orders will conform to those approved templates – ensuring compliance and branding standards are met without the need for additional order delaying approvals.

“Our sales representative has customer service skills that are second-to-none. Plus, her knowledge of mail merge has proven very helpful.” Jay D. Harris, Project Manager - Georgia Power

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