PURLS Increase Response Rates and ROI

What are PURLS

Personalized URLS or PURLS bring together the power of direct mail
with the interactive nature of the Internet. They help identify which of
your direct mail recipients are potentially your best prospects or customers.

Through the addition of a single line of text your direct mail campaign can achieve:

  1. Increased Response Rates – studies show as much as 2 to 5 times.
  2. Leads for your sales group.
  3. Critical information about your prospects and customers.

How they work

A PURL adds the name of your prospect or customer to a web site address.
An example: Mike, we have a special offer just for you at Mike.Smith@learnmore.printtime.com

  1. Create interest with a call to action or special offer. Direct them to a personalized URL placed on the direct mail piece.
  2. Capture visits and data from PURL landing pages.
  3. Through the tracking reports, generate leads and/or create more personalized targeted direct mail.

Additional benefits of using PURLS

PURLS overcome a number of challenges when trying to use a web site with a direct mail campaign:

  1. A PURL drives your recipients to personalized landing pages on the internet, pages based on your data about the recipient.
  2. PURLS present relevant and timely information and offers which allow you to verify and/or collect relevant information to enrich and expand your database and send follow-up printed pieces or e-mails.
  3. Unlike traditional web sites which are anonymous, the PURL captures immediately which one of your direct mail recipients has visited your site and what information was completed.

Come to Print Time for any or all of the PURL services you need. We’ll exceed your expectations by:

  1. Creating PURLS for each individual on your mailing list.
  2. Customizing landing pages to reinforce the personalization.
  3. Printing and mailing of direct mail campaign.
  4. Generating instant, real-time PURL usage reports.
  5. Helping you to utilize the new information gathered to generate leads, personalize additional direct mail, email or phone follow-up.
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