Digital and Print Marketing: Combining Approaches for Branding

While there’s no denying the impact of digital marketing, print marketing should still have a place in your business’ strategy. Print marketing is still widely used in branding because it is cost-effective and persuasive, and it continues to deliver ROI.

Adjusting your marketing strategy to include both digital and print can help your business reach more customers across all audiences. The following are ways you can use both approaches to complement each other


  • Place QR Codes on Brochures and Flyers


QR codes are easy to add to print marketing materials and serve a variety of purposes. They can lead to a landing page, digital coupons, a video, or an app download. In addition, QR codes can help you measure and track the reach of your print campaign.


  • Utilize Variable Data Printing


Using data you’ve gathered about your customers online, you can personalize direct mail materials for greater impact. Variable data printing can help you achieve this. Use your branding through this printing method and change elements in a piece of marketing material, such as the font, color, and text, without stopping the printing process. This makes it easier and more affordable to print unique documents for targeted campaigns. You can add QR codes for special offers, customers’ names, and more.


  • Use CTAs in Print Materials


You can use print materials to drive more traffic to your landing page by adding a CTA. To further encourage customers to visit your page, consider putting a coupon code on your flyer or postcard that requires an online response to redeem.

Best Practices

Branding, messaging, and visuals should be consistent across print and digital marketing materials. Consistency helps increase brand awareness while building credibility and reputation. Knowing what to expect from you, whether you’re advertising online or via direct mail, makes it easier for customers to trust you and remember your brand.

A marketing campaign that includes both print and digital strategies allows brands to get the best of both worlds. Do you think this approach will work well with your business? Contact Print Time today.


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