Print Time Defines Digital Printing

For Print Time, digital printing is its field of technological advancement. Whereas traditional and analog printing is seen and preserved somewhat as a form of art, digital printing represents a significant step in technology.

What is digital printing?

In its best definition, digital printing is the production and printing of digital images onto various types of media. Unlike traditional and analog printing, it requires no printing plate (whereas offset printing does). Digital printing applies to printing multiple filetypes such as documents and PDFs and includes desktop publishing. The material used for printing can be just about anything: letter paper, photo paper, fabric, card stock, acrylic, and more.

 What are tHe benefits?

Undoubtedly, digital printing is also more expensive per page than offset printing. However, the benefit of digital printing is that people can do it virtually on demand. As a result, there are more savings in digital printing when it comes to labor. Its also much easier to alter digital printing as needed (for example, if you spot an error in your print, its effortless to correct the digital file and print it out). This ease of alteration also makes it possible to create highly personalized products for better marketing purposes.

Steady improvements in digital printing technology have also made it possible to increase production, and as a result, thousands of sheets could get printed at a relatively low price. The turnaround times have also become faster, and it produces better quality output. Most of all, digital printing is far more accessible than its offset counterpart, as printing technologies become more compact and consumer-grade. This development allows people to print in large quantities in offices and residences.

Digital printing continues to reach new heights, with innovations getting developed every year. The future of printing is in the digital world, creating accessible printed material for everyone.

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