Print Time Reveals Easy Ways to Save on Print Costs

Printing is necessary for businesses, but it can be expensive. Whether you’re printing marketing materials or invoices for your employees, these tips can help you save on print costs.

Outsource your printing production

Many successful businesses outsource non-core tasks to service providers. These include printing production. Having a trusted printing company produce your printed materials can be less costly than doing it in house.

You won’t have to buy equipment and pay for its maintenance, and you won’t have to allot room in your budget for new cartridges and paper. You’ll also save on labor costs and boost productivity because your staff no longer needs to do the time-consuming printing task.

PrInt only as much as you need

To save on print costs, take the time to assess your business’ printing needs. Do you regularly print large volumes of the same materials, or do you only need to print small orders once in a while? If it’s the latter, printing in bulk using the offset printing method is a more cost-effective option.

Offset printing produces high-quality prints on a wide variety of printing surfaces, including plastic, textile, and paper. Because offset printing requires setting up and inking plates, it is costlier than digital printing. However, unit costs go down as volume goes up. What’s more, printers often give volume discounts, helping you save on print costs without sacrificing quality.

If you generally make low-volume print orders, consider digital printing. With digital printing, there are no color plates to prepare and have minimal setup costs. As a result, per unit costs on tiny runs are lower compared to offset printing.

Printing is one of the highest operating expenses for businesses. By reducing printing costs, you can allocate more of your budget to other areas of your organization that need more attention. Reach out to the Print Time team today for more cost-effective solutions to your printing needs.

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