Printing in October: Halloween Print Ideas for Your Business

Printing in October is an especially exciting time for businesses, particularly those wanting to go big with their Halloween promotions. Halloween brings with it an incredibly alluring appeal: from Halloween decorations and corporate parties to spooky invitations and personalized direct mail, all these are potent ingredients for a marketing boost. 

Here are a few examples of how you can leverage Halloween print ideas:

  1. Create eerie Halloween posters — Are you hosting a Halloween event in your company? Have attractive posters displayed throughout October. Make sure that the posters are attractive and enticing, so your employees would be encouraged to participate! 
  2. Go with customized direct mail invites — Printing should start in October if you want your customers to get their personalized invites in time for your event. A customized invitation in the mail is going to be a big hit, especially if you provide them with discount coupons or two! Better yet, why don’t you combine their invitations with an exclusive discount code or a freebie at the event? Your customers will feel extra special and taken care of. 
  3. Spooky leaflets are your friends — Nothing beats having physical materials in your hands. Aside from creating informative leaflets and brochures, why don’t you decorate them for Halloween so your customers and employees will have more use for them other than just scratch paper? Turn your leaflets into Halloween cutouts or stickers that would be fun to use and look at. Printing in October should give you enough headway to get your materials out to the public before your event is due. 

These printed materials, partnered with your marketing efforts, put you in a good position come Halloween. Start designing your print collaterals today to be ahead of the game! 

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