Online Ordering

On-Demand Printing and Brand Asset Management

Protect your corporate identity and expedite the way your business orders print materials with Print Time’s online service. Now, all those you designate as authorized users in your organization can quickly personalize and order direct mail campaigns, business cards, letterhead, customized brochures and more. Since there’s no need to order in bulk and store a large inventory, your materials won’t become outdated before you have a chance to distribute them. Plus, it’s all guaranteed to adhere to your brand standards and guidelines, speeding up the process by eliminating the need for corporate review.

  • Simple online interface
  • Corporate approves initial template to which all orders conform
  • Individuals review a proof online before submitting their completed orders directly to Print Time.
  • Text is transferred electronically – no data reentering or additional proofing required
  • Password protected
  • Produces static, customized or personalized materials extremely fast and accurately


“Our sales representative has customer service skills that are second-to-none. Plus, her knowledge of mail merge has proven very helpful.” Jay D. Harris, Project Manager - Georgia Power

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