Database Management

Using personalization and versioning techniques within your direct mail can help you dramatically increase response rates. With Print Time’s digital printing and mailing list I Kansas City capabilities, you can communicate a more targeted and persuasive message to your audience. You also can test multiple offers or personalize messages for individual prospects. And you can even provide direct contact information for individual sales representatives. Other options include:

  • Comprehensive direct mail, including printing and fulfillment capabilities
  • Versioned and personalized four-color pieces
  • Mailing list in Kansas City procurement
  • Database cleansing
  • Postal regulation experts
  • Matched mailings
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Mail house services (collation, metering, letter printing, etc.)

We can show you how to customize and personalize to cut through the clutter and add more value to each page. Use customer data captured from CRM databases, websites and call centers to drive variable text, PURLs (personalized URL, landing pages), images and graphics in marketing communication materials. With our mailing list in Kansas City capabilities, you can target customers and potential customers and profit from the results: get faster and higher response rates, increased sales and the power to create and maintain customer relationships that foster brand allegiance.