Common Print Assets to Make Your Company Stand Out

Print assets are hardly going extinct—in fact, they are still being used as marketing collaterals to help companies stand out. At Print Time, here are the most common print materials our clients usually ask for.

  1. Business cards – Almost every successful business gives its employees business cards. Not only are these small slivers of paper very effective when it comes to networking, but it also introduces a sense of belongingness to the employees. What’s more, business cards are relatively inexpensive to print. This is a win-win scenario for companies: their employees get business cards that boost their morale and clients would know whom to contact in case they have questions.
  2. Postcards – You may be surprised to find this in a list of print assets, but postcards work in the same way that business cards do. They are inexpensive and very easy to distribute, plus they can be repurposed. Some businesses take this up a notch and have us print greeting cards.
  3. Brochures and Flyers – You can never go wrong with brochures and flyers. These two forms of printed marketing collaterals have been valuable since time immemorial. At Print Time, we get a steady request to print these assets as companies use them when they are launching a new product, spreading the word about their brand, or if they simply want to expand their audience.
  4. Posters – A lot of businesses ask us to print posters that they display within their compound. These can be motivational posters or even news updates that are placed in strategic areas all over the company. This way, the information is more visible to all, even to their customers. Clients from manufacturing seem to like this method when a lot of their employees do not have desk jobs.

As you can see, printing assets can still work for your company. Now, if you want something printed, you know where to go. Head over to Print Time to find out how we can help you.

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