How to Achieve Print Savings: Save Money on Print

There are numerous ways to rack up your print savings, whether you’re getting something printed professionally or at home. Given how expensive printing can be, finding ways to cut the costs is critical for people trying to stay on top of a marketing budget.

  • Print in draft mode — Consider printing in your printer’s “draft” mode if you’re printing out something relatively temporary or doesn’t require high-quality printing. It uses up half the ink of the standard mode while still delivering clear copy. It’s very cost-efficient, especially in offices or schools where plenty of text-heavy papers don’t require super clear, crisp printing. It may not seem like much at first, but your print savings will rack up as you use less ink.
  • Collate your pages — Concerning the previous point, consider collating your pages when you’re printing text-heavy material. This means printing both front and back on your papers. This won’t only give your document the feel of a “book” (which has both pages printed), but it would also save you plenty in the long run as you will be using less paper.
  • Double-check before you hit print” — One of the ways that ink and paper are wasted is from printing something that isn’t the absolute final copy. You might spot an error here and there, or there would be a last-minute change, and it renders the other printout you made virtually useless. Increase your print savings by ensuring that you’re printing is the final version and free of errors to reduce waste.
  • Bulk buy on ink — Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids globally, more expensive than many variants of wine if priced per gallon. Save costs by buying printer ink in bulk bundles when you can, as these bundles can stay good for months without opening the package. If this isn’t feasible for you, consider using a printer with an ink tank that services can replenish conveniently. The print savings there are better than with individual cartridge printers.

 Use some of these great tips to increase your print savings. Or ask a professional printer for mass printing projects instead. It saves you way more money than if you print them all yourself.

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