Print Time Explains Why Print Isn’t Going Away

Even as the world goes digital, and articles that talk about print mostly predict its demise. The fact is, the printing industry is not going anywhere. This is especially true in the world of business. If you want to dig deep into your customer base and make an impact, keep print in your marketing mix.

To convince you further about its longevity, consider the following statistics:

  • According to a study done by the U.S. Postal Service, customers who received a printed catalog are twice as much to purchase online compared to those who did not. And 84% among those surveyed say online shopping is more straightforward with a printed catalog in hand.
  • A survey made by DM/ Pitney Bowes shows that about 40% of consumers have tried a new service or business because of direct mail produced by printing.
  • A survey from Doremus and Financial Times showed that approximately 59% of senior executives choose printed over online information, and 60% opt for printed resources of in-depth analyses.

Why is this so? Here are some reasons:

  • People enjoy the tactile experience of holding a paper. Whether it be a stationary, catalog, book, or magazine, there is satisfaction in having an actual product in your hand that you can touch, turn, hold, and even smell.
  • Print carries with it a degree of credibility unmatched by online media. Consider print publications that have spent decades building their reputation. They hold very high standards for their content, and this translates to readers’ loyalty and trust. Marketing material contained within these publications is likely to be met with the same high regard.
  • The material produced by printing is met with a focused eye. Every day we are inundated with all forms of digital media, from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and television. Printed material comes as a breath of fresh air and allows our eyes much needed rest. Content published on paper is more likely to be retained by one from an electronic source where much distraction is present.

The printed word is here to stay as long as serious businesses are around. For your own printing needs, visit the Print Time website today.

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