Print Time Gives Tips on Printing Custom Holiday Cards for Businesses

Print Time knows that it’s that time of year when businesses are printing custom holiday cards or business cards to give to clientele and partners alike. When printing business holiday cards, you have to think differently from how any other Christmas card is designed. Consider the following to ensure that you have a great, memorable business holiday card to give out.

  • Make it dual purpose.

Holiday cards are lovely, but they are put away at the end of the Christmas season. Instead of simply sending a beautiful card, make it a dual-purpose gift. Send a card that can also act as a postcard, a calendar, or even send a card with a sticker set. Having that little “extra” in your Christmas cards not only make the recipient feel like they get a gift from your company, but they’ll also make use of it through the rest of the year.

  • Make the message simple. 

There’s no need to draft a long letter into your business card. Make it short, thoughtful, and to the point, wishing the recipient happy holidays. It keeps your message fresh in their minds when they see the card. Choose a greeting that’s nondenominational if you’re going with only one template for everyone. This way makes the Christmas cards as inclusive as possible.

  • Handwrite names and addresses.

Printing custom holiday cards are great, but they can seem impersonal, especially if they come from a company that sends them out en masse. Make it more personal by handwriting the names and addresses of the recipients. It makes the cards look more intimate, with the honest effort to get the names and addresses right. It shows that the company cares about the people receiving them.

Print Time recommends getting business holiday cards with bright designs that will look great on a mantelpiece or display along with the rest of the holiday décor. Make sure to visit Print Time to get more great design and printing ideas for your cards.


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