Print Time on how brochure printing: How to design a winning brochure

Print Time on how brochure printing: How to design a winning brochure

Brochure printing may not be a part of your marketing plan today, but you should consider adding it to future promotions and campaigns. Printing brochures intrigues your target market and broadens your reach as brochures can be passed on from hand to hand. Moreover, they are relatively more affordable than other marketing collaterals such as magazines or posters. Paired with on-demand printing, you can print as many or as little copies as you want to make it worth your budget.

However, not all brochures are created equal. When creating your next collateral, you must remember three things: copy, design, and layout. These things are all important if you want to make a winning brochure.

Your copy

Brochure printing requires your content to be very intentional. You don’t use a brochure to write about things people can easily find on your website — rather, you use it for a specific message. Do you want to write about your latest award or your newest products? Know your intention when you write copy for your brochure so you don’t waste valuable space by filling it with unnecessary text.

Your design

Similar to other marketing collaterals, your brochures have to stand out from other pamphlets being given away by your competitors. Think about your intention, and make sure your design complements it. Your core messages should be easy to see, and your design should not be cluttered so the message is lost in the sea of copy.

Your layout

Brochure printing is available in various types — such as tri-fold, half-fold, and accordion fold — and you should decide which best suits your message and design. If you chose a layout that hides your core message, then this already defeats the purpose of having a brochure in the first place.

Printing brochures could be the next best thing when keeping your audience interested and bringing in more business. Head over to Print Time today to find out more.

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