Print Time on the Latest Printing Trends of 2021

It’s critical for any business to stay on top of the latest printing trends. For Print Time, the print world’s continuous evolution keeps creating exciting and promising innovations for large and small businesses. Whether it’s printing for marketing or products, there are new and more fascinating trends that have cropped up in the print world for 2021.


It’s not just the makeup world that’s getting more shine these days. Shimmering, which is rapidly rising in popularity for print design, is a method that requires a multi-part printing process. The careful layering of highlights creates a beautiful 3D effect that brings the onlooker’s eye to certain areas. It’s excellent for emphasizing text or images and is one of the biggest rising printing trends.

Laser Cutting

Another popular trend is laser cutting. It’s an intricate process that creates ultra-sharp, accurate cuts that you don’t typically get with standard cutting tools. It opens the opportunity for many unusual designs or patterns in printed media, creating new textures or tactile experiences.

Fine Designs

These days, there are so many resources and programs that sub-part graphics and clip art are no longer acceptable for many consumers. There has been a definitive swing towards carefully customized graphics, fine artistry, and the kind of precise presentations you typically see in high-value materials such as magazines and books.


Customers are more mindful of the media being printed on as well. Printing trends show an increased interest in recycled or recyclable papers and products. These materials often result in beautiful antique-style or rustic elegance that lends a distinct air of sophistication to envelopes, letterheads, and other paper products.

Printing continues to innovate and develop with a myriad of new printing styles and media. Ever-evolving, Print Time is looking forward to what will come up next.

High-quality printing on beautiful material produces timeless, eye-catching designs. Visit Print Time to learn how you can get this for your company’s needs.

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