Print Time suggests creative printing ideas for your business

The majority of businesses today have transitioned to digital media, but that doesn’t mean that creative printing ideas should be taken off the table entirely. In fact, in the corporate world where many ideas are presented on laptops, sometimes it gives your presentation an edge when you do have visual aids. 

Aside from presentations, your business can benefit from creative printouts when you want to wow your potential and existing clients. You can show them how unique your company is by simply showcasing your out-of-the-box collaterals and proving that having colorful, interactive materials is a good conversation starter. 

Here are some ideas to set you apart from the competition:

  1. Pop-ups – When it comes to creative printing, pop-ups are among the most understated materials. It’s fascinating to see something “jump out” at you, whether a message or a funny image; it is even more engaging when it physically pops up. You can use this technique on business cards and your brochures, as it will surely leave a lasting impression on your audience. 
  2. 3D printouts – With the advent of 3D printing comes endless possibilities. You can create 3D printouts that are customized to your business. For example, if you own an automotive repair shop, you can print out a car with your contact details on top.
  3. Customized materials – Finally, take creative printing to a whole new level, and create your merchandise. You can ask your local printer how much they would charge to put your logo and brand name on the most popular items, such as pens, shirts, and mugs. You can use these to give out to your customers during your next corporate event. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to creative printing. If you’re ready to provide high-level collaterals to your audience, head over to Print Time today. 

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