Printing During the Holidays

Printing during the holidays is always a good idea for businesses as this is the best opportunity to attract new customers and retain your existing consumer base. Here is how you can improve your business during the holiday rush.

Give back.

As this is a season of thanksgiving, it only makes sense to give back to your loyal clients and reward them with a unique gift. It could be a code only they could use or a specific item customized for them. Whatever the case, make your clients feel special.

Be thankful.

Slant your marketing collaterals with a thankful tone this month as you sincerely show how grateful you are for both old and new customers. Printing can help you in this case as you can give out beautiful and vibrant thank you cards or even couple your efforts with direct-mail postcards. Encourage your clients to post their customized postcards for a chance to win even more discounts and prices. New clients will likely be attracted to the post and want to join your client base, too.

Leverage Black Friday

In keeping with tradition, Black Friday is the perfect time to roll out your best deals – but that doesn’t mean you have to give all of the good deals to the general public. You can host an exclusive sale for your VIPs with a special invitation. You can do this by printing out a customized Thanksgiving card that will allow them to get your most popular products at a discount.
When it comes to printing during the holidays, you can never go wrong by putting your customers above everything else. Make sure that you appreciate their business and are grateful for their support no matter what — and that you also want them to have a good experience with your brand.
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