The Five Factors That Determine the Cost of Printing

Printing costs can vary from one business to another – some can offer affordable printing while others tend to be costlier than most. This is because the final price of a printed product is the result of several factors, ranging from the materials used to the amount of effort poured into the outcome.

Usually, there are five factors that affect the final price of printing. These are:

  • Equipment

This factor pertains to the cost of the equipment used in printing, including the printer itself, scanners, cutters, and others. More advanced equipment, particularly those with special features, can be more expensive. Some companies cannot afford to buy equipment. In such cases, it is the cost of leasing or renting the equipment that’s factored in instead of the buying price.

  • The life cycle of the equipment

This refers to the perceived lifespan of the equipment. The life cycle becomes the basis for computing the depreciation of the equipment, or the decline in its value. This factor also includes the availability of improved technology or better versions of the equipment. Thus, the fewer times you have to replace the equipment, the more affordable printing services you can offer.

  • Maintenance

Printing equipment won’t always work in perfect condition. To keep them functional, the company will have to allocate a portion of their budget on maintenance costs. These could be monthly service or one-time charges, depending on what the company opts for.

  • Supplies

This factor pertains to the ongoing expenses of printing, including the toner, paper, and other media used. Depending on the scope of the services offered by the business, supplies can also pertain to staples, folders, and others.

  • Burden rates

To offer affordable printing, companies have to consider burden rates. This refers to the amount of time spent by employees to order supplies, schedule equipment maintenance, or perform repairs as needed.

Other companies may take a few other factors into account, such as overhead costs and the quality of their outputs, in computing the final price of their products. Understanding these will give you a good idea of what to expect when searching for the best printing business.

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