Using Print Material for Marketing Purposes

Print material has been a proven marketing method for centuries, and for a good reason. For example, with good enough design and distribution, a flyer can get you a response rate of roughly two to three percent. That means that giving out one thousand flyers will get you about 20-30 responses. Although many companies are moving to a strictly digital marketing strategy, there are still good reasons to consider print marketing if it makes sense for your business.

Although the world has gone mostly digital, there are still many who do not use the internet. And, there are still tons of people who prefer to consume print material more than anything else. Having a marketing strategy for these people can benefit your business greatly.

Here are some other reasons print marketing is still in:

  • There are various methods through which you can utilize print media. You can use flyers, brochures, posters, calendars, business cards, catalogs, stickers, and more. And, you can let your imagination run wild with each of them.
  • The tangibility of a piece of print media is irreplaceable. Sure, logos on e-mails and websites are great, but holding a piece of paper or card feels more real.
  • Stickers, posters, billboards, and signage are ever-present, which increases your brand visibility. Print material increases the chances of you staying top-of-mind so that a potential customer remembers you first if they need your product or services.

To make your print marketing materials pop, it is a good idea to hire a good designer who understands how to display information in an attractive yet easily understandable way. Invest in a quality designer as an ill-designed piece of collateral can have an opposite effect, deterring potential customers instead. Be sure to hire a copywriter as well to have a copy that sells. Finally, make sure you work with a quality printer like Print Time so that your print material is always high quality.






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