3 Types of Print Media Your Business Needs Right Now

In the advent of digital marketing, much can be argued about how print media is no longer important. With social media advertising, broadcast advertising, and even mobile advertising reaching clients quickly and effectively, the returns of print advertising could take months to be seen, if not longer. 

However, don’t be so quick to dismiss print media just yet. Physical marketing collaterals can still be very effective, depending on your demographics. For instance, a less digitally savvy, older audience would appreciate having materials on their hands. Physical printouts are also beneficial in a big company, particularly for internal campaigns. 

No matter the circumstances, print media could still be beneficial. Take these three, for example: 

  1. Posters — Posters are very impactful when you are running an internal campaign. These media collaterals will ensure that your messaging is front and center with everyone within the company, as they can literally see it everywhere in your vicinity. Aside from internal campaigns, you can also situate the posters in key areas around your locale, such as bus stops, to target your audience. What better way to spread your message than through repetitive, visual, and memorable messaging? 
  2. Magazines or newspapers — Printing newspapers and magazines always attract their audience. They are abundant in waiting rooms across all businesses and perfect for localized targeting. If your print media is designed well enough, it will draw your magazine’s readers to your business. 
  3. Direct mailers — Finally, direct mailers are another excellent place to put your money on. You can send these to your potential and existing client base, and the interesting thing about them are they can be designed in multitudes of ways. You can send coupons, holiday greetings, or even thank you cards. The possibilities are endless. 

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