4 Tips On Finding A Printer

Looking for Quality Print? Here’s How You Can Find a High-Quality Printer 

With the new decade comes the pressing demand to find a reliable partner who can give you top quality print without taking up a chunk of your budget. As your one-stop-shop for printing, Print Time tells you it’s time to expect more from your printer. 

Here are four things you should look for in your next printer:


  • Cost vs. Quality 


At the end of the day, business decisions are made based on the cost. Don’t look for the cheapest option; rather, go with the printer who can provide the quality you need within the budget you are willing to spend. You should look at a printer’s portfolio and see their past work to determine if they can meet your expectations. 


  • Turnaround Times 


Some printers offer their products within 24 hours but remember that quality print can take time. You can’t rush printing, particularly when you’re expecting an exact output. Rushing through a print job can smudge the ink and compromise quality. 


  • Customer Service 


A hallmark of a good partner is if there is someone you can talk to who knows and understands what you need. Having clueless staff is not going to be of value to you; you need someone who can suggest solutions to problems and who can rectify them quickly and efficiently. 


  • Physical Location


Finally, a good printing company is one that is near your business. It gives you the reassurance that you can quickly reach them in case something happens to your order. You can also expect them to produce quality prints since they are unlikely to compromise their reputation, particularly if their customers know their physical location.

Print Time is conveniently located at 1105 W. 24th Kansas City, MO 64108. You may reach us at (816) 756-3900. As your one-stop-shop for your printing needs, we give you the assurance that we can provide high-quality prints for you, anytime, every single time. 

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