Creative Holiday Print Ideas from Print Time

The holidays are here, and through creative holiday printing, businesses throughout the country are making the most of the sales and increasing foot traffic as people rush to buy gifts and celebrate. It’s the first “real” holiday season following the major pandemic peaks, so many people are eager to take advantage of the sales, promos, and other enticing offers for their holiday celebrations.

Seize the moment and add to the festivity of the holiday season through some creative holiday printing ideas:

Customized and Personalized Holiday Stickers

Holidays are a big deal for kids and families. Engage their enthusiasm with customized stickers unique to your business. Not only would they look enticing as freebies for kids, but they might also be used as decoration for the holiday season. 

Holiday Catalog

Thanks to the pandemic, shopping has been done online over the past couple of years. As such, catalogs have also been primarily online. But this year, printing catalogs will reinforce how valuable print media still is. People still enjoy perusing through familiar catalogs of sales and promos in your business, and the colorful, tactile experience of browsing the products is more enticing than another marketing email. Even better: you can print coupons with your catalog, making it more beneficial for them to pick up a physical copy.

Custom Gift Wrapper

Don’t forget to create a custom gift wrap for your business when you plan for holiday printing. With so many people buying products as gifts, having a custom gift wrap that may have your business logo or a beautiful design, unlike other store-bought wraps, could give you that extra boost. You can even give them an incentive by offering free gift wrapping from your business; they won’t have to do it themselves.

Holiday printing can be an excellent opportunity to make the most out of the rush of customers. Make it a perfect way to compel them to choose your business this season with plenty of vibrant perks.


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