Print Time’s Must-Have Thanksgiving Print Ideas

It’s fast approaching Thanksgiving in Kansas City and that means preparing for a holiday full of gratitude. It’s a time of giving out gifts and reminders of how thankful your business is to your customers, partners, employees, and colleagues.

Maintaining an excellent business relationship with these people is crucial, so it’s worth spending a little extra effort to give them something that expresses your gratitude for the year that it has been.

Customized Chocolates and Nut Giveaways

Easily prepared in bulk and equally easily customizable, chocolate and nut boxes and bundles are charming gifts to give out during corporate events, functions, or even for handing out through the offices. Nothing says Thanksgiving in Kansas City more than a gift of holiday sweets from some of the local chocolatiers printed with a customized label with your company’s logo. You can even add a quick thank you message on a custom gift tag for your giveaways as a reminder.

Custom Wine Bottle

A fine bottle of wine or champagne is a classic, tasteful gift to give during Thanksgiving. This is a special gift to fellow business owners or partners, giving an air of sophistication, and it will surely give them the feeling of being appreciated. Emblazon your company logo on the wine label, add some gold embossing, and present it with custom-design printed packaging such as a wine sack or a wine box.

Fall Gift Box

There’ll be more foot traffic through various businesses during Thanksgiving in Kansas City; entice customers further while giving them the gift of gratitude through a customized fall gift box with your company’s branding. The box can be filled with a variety of holiday treats; if your business is related to aesthetics, offer a spa gift box. If you’re in the restaurant industry, a snack box, or a cheese sampler box will be highly in demand. Gift boxes for your corporate teams or partners can be filled with home goods such as custom-printed mugs or wine glasses, dinner candles, matches, and even a scented holiday gift card.

There are many ways to show the people that matter how much you are grateful to have them. Even just these small but clear measures of effort can say volumes about how thankful you are for them this season.

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