Creative Printing Ideas: Creative Ways to Use Print

Now more than ever, when companies are competing to get consumers’ attention and begin their recovery period, you have to use excellent print advertising ideas. Utilizing creative printing and out-of-the-box print advertising ideas is a surefire way to set yourself, your brand, and your business apart from the competition. Here’s how you can step up your A-game in a world coming out of a pandemic stupor.

Direct Mailers or ads that people can use around the home.

Utility and usefulness ensure that your ad wouldn’t just be consigned to the bin like so many other brochures or direct mailers. Send out printed brand goods with a magnetic backing to be used as fridge magnets or whiteboard magnets. Creative printing ideas include stickers, branded pens, and attractive drink tumblers.

Moving advertisements.

Don’t just print a billboard—put your ad on the side of a van, a car, a taxi, or a truck! These moving advertisements can cover more ground and get people’s attention on the road or commuting to their destinations. They’ll spot it as they go about their day, and you’ll reach more new customers who have been made aware of your company.
Put the ad on.

Clothing and apparel merchandise is another great way to use creative printing. People want valuable things to keep around the house. Bringing them clothing like shirts, a jacket, a hoodie, even a ballcap, and most especially a mask or a scarf will get plenty of mileage. And they’ll even act as brand ambassadors for you as others see them with your merch apparel.

Interactive ads.

Pop-ups unfolding from a catalog or brochure, pull tabs, or even cut-out coupons are great ways to get the attention of someone looking at your ad. If your pull tabs have promos or coupons that people can use to save money on a discount, it’s a bonus that customers will remember.

Creative printing can be one of the best ways to embed your brand into your customer’s consciousness. The brand recall improves, and it gets more people interested.
Creative printing comes in many forms. Visit to learn more about the different ways you can utilize print.


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