Creative Printing and COVID-19: Great Menu Printing Ideas

Restaurants heavily rely on printing, and COVID-19 has made it difficult for this industry to cope. Now that the world is starting to wake up again and more restaurants are opening, they need to adapt and recover as everyone continues to endure the pandemic. One great way to add something new and creative is by coming up with an excellent, attractive menu for customers to see and remember immediately.

  • Laminated clipboard menu– Clipboard menus have become a popular option for many restaurants and small cafes. They are easy to pass around, you can put creative typography on them, and they have a retro, rustic feel. Furthermore, laminated clipboard menus are easy to make for printing and COVID-19 regulations will require restaurants to sanitize, so laminated menus ensure that bussers can easily clean, spray, or wipe them down after a customer has finished with them.
  • Keep it simple; keep it prominent – For restaurants with limited offerings and a skeletal workforce during the pandemic, they won’t have many dishes or options, and thus, an extensive menu isn’t needed. Therefore, a large, colorful standing sign or a banner with the current offerings should act as a menu. Many customers will see the options right away and quickly make their choices or see everything available immediately.
  • Go for photos – Menus with plenty of images are more interesting than menus restricted only to text. People like to see what they’re ordering, so prepare a photo menu for printing. And COVID-19 restrictions might limit the menu options anyway, so you won’t have to be worried about spending a lot on printing lots of colorful images. Through photos, customers can see exactly what they would expect to get.

There are many ways to improve your menus by leveraging the power of printing, and with COVID-19 still present, it’s a great way to keep your customers updated and aware that you’re still in business.

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