Why Do People Still Print? Print Time Answers

Why Do People Still Print? Print Time Answers

The many printing trends that continue to burgeon through the business and marketing worlds have proven that print isn’t just still alive: it’s thriving. But some people continue to ask why print is still relevant. Why do people still print when so many digital options are available, especially from a marketing perspective?

Print won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

  • Print triggers the senses.
    Unlike digital materials, print is something you can see, touch, and experience. It’s not intangible or seen through a screen like a social media post. As something you can touch, printed material plays more to the onlooker’s senses. It’s one of the reasons that recent printing trends include using textured material or different varieties of paper; the texture aims to stimulate touch. It’s the tactile experience that makes the print more interesting.
  • Print has longevity.
    The digital world is sadly temporary. It moves so fast that a post would get buried under all the others after a day or even just a few hours as people move on in their newsfeeds or web pages. But print lasts for a long time. As a tangible item, like a photograph, a printed article, or a poster, it stays for a long time. When it’s posted somewhere, like a station, a wall, or a billboard, people will find it in the same place and keep seeing it.
  • Print can work in tandem with other mediums.
    One of the most popular printing trends is to integrate something in print with something digital. That’s why so many business cards, posters, brochures and other printed materials feature QR codes, barcodes, tear-away coupons or slips, and more. It combines the benefits of print with the conveniences of the digital world.

Ultimately, print is not going anywhere, whether it’s in business or around the home. There’s an effect and accessibility to print that digital simply doesn’t have. And if the printing trends continue, print will be here for a very long time to stay.

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