Holiday Print Projects that Boost Business

Deciding whether to send holiday cards and gifts is always a dilemma for businesses. Is it worth the time and money spent? Are customers too busy this time of year to even notice your gesture of appreciation?

And yet, the holidays are still the best time to tell your customers how much they mean to you. You can express your appreciation with a gift, a discount on your services or a printed promotion. Yes, Kansas City holiday printing is still an effective way to promote your business.

Personal holiday print promotions like cards are a great and impactful way to reach out to your customers. Facebook and Instagram posts wishing holiday cheer and goodwill will flood social media, but they can seem impersonal when compared with a printed card or gift specially created and mailed to customers. Maybe that’s the reason why more than two billion Christmas cards are still sent in the United States each year.

So get your Kansas City holiday printing plans started. Here are three effective print marketing ideas to boost business and show your customers how much you appreciate them this time of year:

1. Holiday cards: Print custom holiday cards should feature your logo, brand, colors and a personalized message for your customers. Including a picture of your employees or leaders will make the card even more impactful.

2. Holiday gifts: Put your business in front of customers and potential customers 365 days a year with a branded desk or wall calendar. Calendars are useful and appreciated gifts, just make sure to include attractive images your customers will want to display. Notepads are another appreciated printed item that you can gift customers.

3. Holiday postcards: Direct-mail postcards are effective holiday marketing tools, perfect for retailers, service-based companies and B2B companies alike. Postcards are low-cost and offer a 5.3% response rate for house lists, 2.9% for prospect lists, and about 27% ROI on average. You can print a coupon on them as well as a holiday greeting to encourage repeat business.

Don’t just rely on social media to tell your customers how much they mean to you. If you haven’t done so already, make plans for sending more meaningful holiday cards, postcards or gifts to your customers. For all your Kansas City holiday printing needs, trust Print Time. We’ll be happy to help you with all your holiday print projects, just call us at 816-756-3900 or visit

Happy holidays and happy printing!

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