Is it worth it? Why you should print your holiday greeting cards

If you are a business owner, it would make more sense to send digital cards than to print your holiday greeting cards. After all, you will be sending these cards to thousands of your customers – do you really want to spend that much on snail mail and printing costs?

Actually, you should. Here is why going the thrifty and easy route is not going to impress your customers:

  • A physical card tells your customers that you value them.

Your clients will probably receive dozens of emails from different brands, thanking them for their business and wishing them happy holidays. However, how many of these emails do you think made them feel warm and happy? By deciding to print your holiday greeting cards, your customers will be able to hold a tangible gift from you without it costing a lot. It speaks volumes of how much you appreciate them – so much so that they can display your card on their mantles.

  • A physical card can bring in more business.

It is a tradition in most homes to display the number of greeting cards people receive on their mantles, or somewhere prominent in their homes. If you design your greeting card effectively and customize it, then your customer is likely to display it too. When they get visitors, the guests will see your card and will be curious about your brand.

  • If you print your holiday greeting cards, you will strengthen relationships with customers and encourage loyalty.

Your customers are likely to become more loyal to your brand after receiving a printed holiday greeting card from you. This tells them that you are a brand that cares for them, and that while you have a lot of customers, you treat each one with reverence and respect. After all, a brand that does not want to build relationships with its clients will not make an effort to actually print cards.

There are many other benefits to physically printing your holiday greeting cards at this busy time of the year. If you’re looking to have your cards professionally printed, look no further than Print Time. We have affordable printing solutions that will give you your desired results without taking up your time. Head over to to know more.


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