How print marketing can help reach your target audience

How print marketing can help reach your target audience

Digital marketing may be popular, but other ways exist to reach your target audience. Your audience may be more active in print marketing, depending on your demographics.

Recent studies suggest that about 62% of 1,000 US adults read physical newspapers. The same survey says that 37% of the sample have read a printed newspaper in the last week.

This brings to question how vital print marketing is. If you have fully transitioned your marketing efforts to digital, you are missing out on a valuable chunk of the market. Here’s why some people prefer print over digital advertising:

Print marketing reinforces your brand.

Effective branding is important to strengthen your reputation and your market share. Your target audience should be able to recognize your brand among your many competitors in the market. Yet when all of you are clamoring for space in the digital world, how will your audience find you amid the noise of all the hashtags, promotions, and campaigns? When you transition to print marketing, your audience’s attention is on you and you alone.

Print marketing is tangible.

Print marketing effectively captures your audience’s attention — when they hold your collateral, they will know your brand, what you do, and what you offer them. Since print is tangible, they can take away your marketing materials and share them with their peers. Your target audience becomes your greatest advocate, as they are likely to share your physical marketing materials if they are satisfied with your products and services.

Print marketing is effective.

Aside from clamoring for clicks in digital marketing, you are also fighting for time, as most users would click away after 10 seconds. With print marketing, your audience would be more likely to skim the words and read the gist of your message, having more takeaways. Moreover, there are fewer advertisers in print, as most competitors today have moved solely to digital.

There are more benefits to harnessing print marketing to reach your target audience. If you’re ready to invest in print marketing, visit us at Print Time today.

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