How to Combine Digital Marketing and Print to Ensure A Successful Marketing Campaign

There is a definite trend leading to digital marketing in recent years. However, many companies have discovered that a combination of both print and digital advertising has gained them more traction. This plan is especially true if they are targeting audiences that come from different generations.

Companies stand to earn a lot more income when they reach audiences for both print and digital marketing. Consider these techniques:

  1. Personalized URLs

Customers on the go are a primary target for local companies. In high traffic areas, you want to give busy customers something to remember. This reminder must also be something easy to look up online. A witty, customized URL prominently featured as part of digital marketing on the posters and print ads will make it easier for commuters to remember your online page.

  1. Put a QR code

In an era when everyone has a mobile phone, featuring a QR code on your posters, business cards, and pamphlets is just smart business. The codes allow mobile customers to reach your website quickly, all by a simple scan. Not only will the customers get immediate information about your company, but they will also be part of an increase of hits to your website.

  1. Match your branding in both print and digital marketing media

Branding is a part of a company’s identity. Make the digital ads prominently featured in your company’s social media the same images, templates, and themes to be used in your print ads and posters. The simple, unified model makes the business easily recognizable to customers, particularly local ones who will see them both around regularly.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AU is a recent development in digital marketing. Through the use of an app on a mobile phone, the real world gets extra interactive features. This innovation is rapidly becoming a popular trend in Eastern countries as well. When customers bring their phones over posters or specially-branded areas, they will see something extra in augmented reality within their phone cameras. The trick engages customers and strengthens the company’s presence.

There are plenty of ways to merge the digital and the printed worlds together. Visit PrintTime if you’re ready to discover other ingenious marketing techniques through print.

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