Printing on the Line: 4 Steps to Ensure the Print Job Arrives on Time

Having high-quality prints requires excellent design, equipment, and a reliable printer. Companies rely on printing for just about anything: from flyers and billboards to other printed collaterals. For more elaborate campaigns, good printing can take time.

So how do you make sure that a much-needed print campaign is not only produced well but also arrives on time?

  1. Make sure that the design is final

When a file goes to the printers, it’s going to be queued up as the next item for print production. At that point, it should be the final file. You cannot keep on asking the printer to hold the order to replace the file as this will bump your order down the line. Make sure that the file you give your printer has all the correct text, font, markings, and more.

  1. Add a buffer for delays

Always add a buffer to anticipate delays whenever you order. There may be unforeseen events that can affect your printing order, so it always pays to plan ahead. This way, you’ll either be getting your collateral early or on time.

  1. Any important details must be confirmed with the printer

A rule of thumb is to always ask the hard questions before proceeding with an order. Talk about the paper quality, the final size, and your other considerations for the order. You can also ask for a proof or a printed sample to make sure that all your requirements are followed. By getting all the details in, the printer doesn’t have to reconfirm anything with you and the printing can proceed smoothly.

  1. Choose a local service

A printer located nearer to your company ensures that any shipping delays will be kept to the absolute minimum. Instead of waiting for days for the items to arrive, a local printer will get them to you in the fastest turnaround time available.

Choose a printing company that produces fast, high-quality prints with excellent turnaround times. Head to PrintTime in Kansas City to learn what a great printing company can do for your business.



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