Print is Not Dead

In this digital age, where people talk, read and write on their smartphones, it may seem like printed materials are unnecessary relics from a long-ago time. But, to borrow a quote from Mark Twain, reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Smart organizations will take advantage of print media alongside digital outlets to accomplish their goals and grow their business.

Here are some reasons why print is still alive and well in the digital age, including printing in Kansas City:

    • Print fosters better comprehension: Do you understand? Studies have found that people have better comprehension when reading print versus digital text. In a study of college students reported by CNN, the medium didn’t matter for general questions, but when it came to answering specific questions, comprehension was significantly better when students read printed words.
    • Not everyone prefers digital media: Not everyone surfs the web or participates in social media, and not everyone goes through their postal mail. That means not all consumers are reachable through social media or web content, just as you can’t reach everyone with a mailed postcard. You must consider your intended audience with marketing campaigns. Studies show that while baby boomers and older consumers use digital media to an extent, they still prefer printed materials.
    • Not everything can or should be digitized: Some things still work best in print; think wedding invitations, coupons, greeting cards and even books. Remember the comprehension study? According to a study on direct mail by top research agency Millward Brown, “physical media (direct mail) left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.” The study found that when consumers are given something to physically hold, the message presented stayed with them longer and was more memorable.

Print isn’t dead, and printing in Kansas City has definitely not fallen by the wayside. In fact, experts advise businesses to create a well-rounded marketing plan that incorporates both printed and online marketing materials and promotions. Here’s another consideration: Because many businesses have moved all of their marketing efforts online, now is a great time to grab attention with direct mail campaigns because printed mailers have become rare in the age of Facebook advertising.

At Print Time, we believe the time has come to take a fresh look at your printing needs. And to us, a print job isn’t just another project to be bid, awarded and checked off a list. It’s a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and enhance your relationship with your customers and prospects. Since 1985, Print Time has been printing in Kansas City, producing the highest-quality communication materials in the shortest amount of time possible, with a level of customer service unmatched in the industry. It’s time to expect more. Visit to learn more about how print can help your business stand out.

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