Do Real Estate Agents Still Need Print Media?

In the digital age where real estate professionals can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and websites to promote themselves and the homes they are selling, print still is critical to success.
You can have the best website and thousands of Facebook followers, but print for Kansas City real estate still rules. Along with social media and internet marketing, you also need the solid foundation of colorful brochures, flyers, direct mail, print advertising, and promotions and giveaways to advertise your business.
Creating a digital marketing presence is vital to your success. But not everyone buying or selling a home is tech-savvy, and most people still love picking up pretty informational brochures posted outside a home for sale.
Print pieces beat many online tools when it comes to return on investment. For example, direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing because it works. In 2015, the Direct Mail Association found that direct mail boasts a 3.7% response rate with a house list and a 1% response rate with a prospect list. All digital channels earned a response rate of less than 1% combined.

It stands to reason that consumers might notice a mailed postcard more than that email promotion because they receive so much “junk mail” online. Online privacy company Abine found that the average person received about 105 unwanted emails each day in 2013. Online messages all look the same, but a printed flyer or postcard – especially one offering a coupon or promo item – is almost guaranteed to make an impression and get your brand noticed.
According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive a promotional item showing that company’s logo, and customers keep such items for about six months on average.

In real estate especially, experts say print pieces go beyond an immediate marketing pitch to establish a relationship between the consumer and your brand. They are more permanent and lasting than a social media post. If you send a potential customer a magnet or pen, they will remember you, but it’s less likely they’ll remember your Instagram post.
Of course, there are ways to use print for Kansas City real estate marketing that are more effective than others. Here’s how to make your print pieces count:

• You may think you can write, but go ahead and hire a professional copywriter to get your message across most effectively.
• Be creative, grab attention and add value. Make your print piece colorful so it stands out. Offer people a coupon, a magnet, a pen or a calendar to stick on their fridge so they remember you.
• Use a top-notch photographer and designer. Avoid stock photos at all costs.
• Include your logo, name and contact information (phone, website and email) on every piece of printed material for the properties you show.
• Be consistent. The more you send your message out in print, the more recognition you’ll get.
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