When Branding Your Print, Consistency Is Key

Branding your print materials and keeping that branding consistent across platforms is critical to the overall success of your business.
According to former Nike and Starbucks executive Scott Bedbury, “A brand is a story always being told.”

That story must be clear, positive and remain consistent. Your brand is the customers’ overall perception of your business – how they see and feel about you in a marketplace crowded with competitors. Good branding increases the value of your company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes it easier to acquire new customers as well as hold on to current ones.

Keeping your brand consistent across different marketing channels – print, signage, brochures and social media – is important because it enables consumers to instantly recognize your company and your products whether they appear on a direct mail piece or on Instagram.

To be consistent when branding your print materials, make sure those materials:
• Share a basic consistency in how they look. They should all share some common, repeated visual elements, such as colors, logo, images and typeface styles. For example, your logo should not be red in one brochure and blue in another.
• Deliver the same consistent message about your company. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Stick to who you are and show consumers that through your branding. Let your brand’s personality shine.
• Use a consistent writing style or tone in the branding of print materials. Choose a tone or voice (professional, friendly, conversational, etc.) and carry it through all your print and other marketing outlets.

With branding your print materials, or anything else, consistency is key. You don’t want to keep changing your logo, colors, brand voice or message because it will confuse customers and can even drive them away. The goal is to build loyalty and trust among your customers through consistent branding efforts.

Keeping your brand consistent across platforms has never been more important. According to a study from The Verde Group and the Wharton School, two-thirds of all consumers rely on more than one channel to make purchases. There are many online and offline opportunities to make an impression on consumers, but consistency across all outlets is the key to a lasting impression and, ultimately, to the success of your business.

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