Print Time Explains Why Print is Still Necessary in 2020

In an increasingly digital world, printing and print marketing seem to be experiencing a bit of a downturn. Why have so many print collaterals produced when everyone is already online and can view a poster or a flyer there through social media? But there are still significant reasons for businesses to look into printed marketing material. Before spending all that money on an effective social media campaign, you might want to set aside some capital for the printed marketing for these reasons:


  • It elicits an emotional response. Have you ever met anyone who has said that they’d prefer to read a real book over a digital or e-book? It’s for these same reasons that people respond better to physical marketing. Printing posters or flyers allows the viewer to observe it with all the senses, creating a more robust emotional response than they would have if they were simply viewing the poster through a screen—the physical connection matters.
  • It’s a change of pace from the digital world. Digital blindness happens when a person is bombarded nonstop by thousands of digital marketing advertising forms every day. With so many digital ads in front of them, people lose the ability to see the ad. But with a piece of printed material, no matter where they are, people will see the poster, billboard, flyer, or brochure and understand that it’s an ad and pay attention to it differently.
  • Printing increases sales. A study back in 2014 showed an increase in the likelihood that a customer will purchase if they had experienced it or seen it in print first rather than in a digital ad. It builds a different kind of trust as opposed to something they had only seen and experienced digitally. Furthermore, print doesn’t have the urgency of digital, and they can come back to a brochure and think more about it more easily.


Printing is not dead—not in the least. It may become an all-important weapon, especially for small businesses looking to gain a foothold among the big names.


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