Give Yourself the Boost with Creative Business Card Ideas

Everyone has a stack of business cards somewhere these days, but how many of them stand out? Essentially, a business card is the first impression. And if you don’t make a good one, there won’t be any good recall of your work or business. Handing someone a business card is a good idea, but you also want to make sure that it’s eye-catching, memorable, and creative to make sure that they remember who you are and what you do.

Give your presentation a bit more pep by getting creative with your designs. Here are some great ideas:

  • Geometric minimal – Minimalist designs are great as they’re neat, straight to the point, and there’s no clutter of too many words or images to distract the eye. But at the same time, minimalist business cards can have an extra bit of perk with a geometric shape in the corner. Go for solid, primary colors and keep the geometry to the corners or taking up about a third of the white space.
  • Rustic or Antique Style – With everyone going for modern designs these days, changing tactics is the way to go. A rustic-styled design on some thick craft paper is sure to make a memorable business card that makes an impression from the field of white, modern cards. It even gives a hint of sustainability.
  • Bright and bold – Too much white space can be a drag and pretty bare. Some creatives have been making business cards that feature a bright, bold color as a major eye-catching accent. Citrus or neon colors coupled with big block letters on one side, while the details side has accents of the same color, can make things pop!

Get creative with your business cards. It doesn’t always have to be neat, trim, and formal. A blast of zest that will make the cards stand out will make you stand out too.

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