Print Time Explains Why Print Remains So Important to an Increasingly Digital World

With the digital world-encompassing everyone’s daily life, especially during a time of lockdown, people start wondering: Is print still relevant? The short answer: yes. Despite the massive shift towards digitization of just about everything, print remains relevant in the physical world from socialization to marketing.

The Battle Against Digital Fatigue

It’s precisely because there is so much digital material that people experience what is called “digital fatigue” when they are so bombarded by ads and marketing online that it starts to fail to register in their minds. They simply brush past it. But having a physical ad in front of you is different. Unlike in the digital world, a physical print ad such as a poster, a brochure, or a postcard is tangible and more likely to strike a chord in the onlooker as it’s more “genuine” than something in digital media.

The Fight for Better Brand Awareness

Regardless of how much digital content people consume, everyone still lives in the physical world and moves within it. Print media is still heavily prevalent here, and it appears on everything: on the labels of food, on the signs, posters, and flyers in the street, business cards, and more. These physical manifestations build brand awareness in the customer even when they are away from the digital world. And people can bring these print items around their immediate surroundings and even their homes.

Print Remains Iconic, Versatile, and Reliable

In much the same way as the wheel or the lightbulb don’t go out of style, neither does print. There will always be a need for print, especially in situations where the digital world is beyond reach. There is still a need for physical copies, which are flexible and useful in many situations and easily shared, instead of the digital versions, which require electronics and a screen to view.

No matter how digital the world becomes, print remains and will continue to do so well into the future.

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