Print Time Gives Business Cards Ideas for 2021

It is a new year, and new business cards are a must. Print Time has numerous customers who constantly change their cards’ design and themes to keep up with the times and make them interesting for their recipients. A great business card can give a person an excellent first impression or brand recall.

Here are some great ideas for new business card designs for 2021.

  • Letterpress design

For many people, going minimal and straightforward has been the core culture for the past year. With the world going crazy, it’s best to keep things simple and uncluttered. A well-chosen font done with a traditional letterpress method creates simple yet stunningly elegant business cards. It shows that you’re a no-fuss person that gets the job done with class.

  • Foil colors

If you want your card to stand out over others, you’ll need it to catch the light—literally. Foiled business cards are made with beautiful chromatic impressions that shine vividly in the light and give off a luxurious appeal. Metallic gold, silver, and rose gold are some of the most popular choices for this style. With the foil placed artfully as eye-catching accents, your card will catch attention.

  • Big type

Bold, block letters, often in bright colors, in front of a plain white or solid color backdrop is a design that makes your name or your brand pop. This is the opposite of the subtle approach—by presenting your name or company in bold but well-kerned typography, you make sure that the person remembers your presence.

  • Heavy cardstock

Business cards printed on heavy paper or cardstock have become more popular recently. Instead of flimsy paper or watermarked board, heavy, strong cardstock with embossed printing gives off a refined, professional appeal and suggests expensiveness.

The right person or company’s right design could become the step to a fresher image this 2021. Getting the right card for a great first impression isn’t just a means to make them remember you—it’s a marketing opportunity you can’t miss.

Are you having trouble choosing the right style for your business cards? Visit Print Time and let our professionals give you some helpful ideas.

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