Print Time on the Value of Print: Industries Where Print Is Still Important

Print is going nowhere, regardless of how digitized the world has become. As Print Time knows, people still place tremendous value on hard copy and printed material, even when there is an entire internet full of digital content available to them. What is found online is often fleeting and temporary. Print provides something tangible; it’s something experienced in the real world with a person’s senses and has a more excellent value in a consumer’s eyes.

For some industries, print remains essential to their needs internally and externally. Here are some of them.

Events, Conventions, or Trade Shows

Massive conventions, trade shows, conferences, and other similar events are heavily reliant on printing services. Unlike online networking, these events provide an avenue for people of like minds within a single field to meet, interact, and connect. With it comes a need for physical collaterals, banners, posters, brochures, and more. These print items act not just as physical advertisements but also as tangible means of collecting information.

Retail and Products

Even though online shopping is experiencing a significant boom, it’s no surprise that consumers still want to buy everything in person, where they can see, touch, and consider a product physically. Therefore, the retail and product industry always rely heavily on print for their labels, marketing displays, and more. These prints are an extension of their brand’s identity and what customers will associate with them when purchasing.

Medical/Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

This industry is one that indeed cannot be done online. While there have been many advances in the medical field in terms of technology, it still relies intensely on print for medicine labels, informative booklets, hospital charts, and other printed items. Reading something online is not enough in a field that can be so complicated that it’s difficult for laypeople to understand. Print items allow medical experts to provide context to patients who need information presented more simply.

Print will continue to soldier on and will likely continue to do so for a very long time. The tangibility of print appeals to the senses and the mind more profoundly than ever, thus securing the field’s necessity for the future.

Quality print items are a must to create a lasting impact. Visit Print Time for high-quality printing services for just about everything.

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