Print Time Gives Reminders on Business Card Must-Haves

Printing business cards can be entertaining and creative, but it’s always good to remember that it should serve a primary purpose: to get people to call or contact you. There are many different ways to approach printing business cards, from patterned gloss, creamy mattes, heavy paper, and more. However, always keep in mind that a sound business card should have these essential parts:

Clearly legible contact details

The last thing you want is to give someone your business card in the hopes that they call you, only for them to find that you’ve chosen a font so decorative that they can’t figure out what your email address says. Being creative with fonts is part of what makes printing business cards fun, but always choose readability over fancy when it comes to contact details.

Quality paper

Business cards aren’t printed on bond or kraft paper because you want them to have longevity. Regular papers aren’t waterproof and can easily fold, tear, or fall apart. Therefore, you need to ensure that your card is printed on durable, sturdy paper. These are often heavy-duty papers that should at least be over 220 GSM. Some people eschew printing business cards on paper—using wood, plastic sheets, acetate, etc.

EMphasis on your role

Why should people call you? What is the purpose of your business? This has to be abundantly clear upon printing your business card. Ensure that the job title or company name and the card’s theme make it clear to the receiver that this is why they should call you. A business card can be a small form of advertisement.

A digital connection

Make it easier for your receiver to get a hold of you. Add a QR code to scan or links to social media. In a world filled with mobile phones and digital connectivity, give them plenty of easy options to contact you apart from just an email and a phone number.

PrintTime recommends ensuring that your card is as straightforward as it is memorable. Excellent business card printing should be a boon to your business and brand rather than just another handout.

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