Print Time on Restaurant Printing: Creative Ways to Print Menus

The goal of restaurant printing isn’t necessarily to showcase incredible graphics or even use brilliant colors. Instead, printing items like menus should have the goal of tying in the whole culture and atmosphere that the restaurant aims to project. Menus should become an intrinsic part of the customer experience, underscoring the overall effect that your restaurant is trying to achieve.

Consider these creative ways to present your menus.

Notebook Menu

A nook near a college, university, or school can benefit from making a menu look like a notebook. It’s perfect for printing out glossy pages that showcase your restaurant dishes and checkboxes for sugar or spice levels in a menu. Restaurant printing is about connecting the theme so that this menu would look great with a larger, much more widely seen chalkboard variant.

Magnetic Menus

One way to ensure that your restaurant stays on a customer’s mind is to remind them every time they pass the fridge. Printing your menu or your most popular items on the back of a magnetic sheet and giving this branded merch away with orders gives customers a freebie to tack on their fridge. But most importantly, they help with brand retention. It increases the likelihood that they’ll call again.

Waterproof Menus

Spring and Summer are on the way, so having a waterproof menu is an instant benefit if your establishment is near a lake, a beach, or a resort. Restaurant printing calls for adapting to the location. They would stay safe even onboard a boat or on the water, but if the brochures or flyers are printed the same way, the customers can take it with them for reference later on in the day.

These are just some of the many ways to get creative about restaurant printing. Having great food on the menu is essential, but how the menu appears to a customer allows them to enjoy a whole restaurant experience.

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