Print Time Shares Business Cards Must-Haves

Different approaches to printing business cards are being applied as modern designs get more creative. To gain an edge over the competition or maintain the attention of whoever you’re giving the card to, a business card must be eyecatching, creative, and engaging. But if there’s anything about business cards that don’t change, it’s that certain information and guidelines to creating one that has proven tried, tested, and effective.

Consider the following:

  • Clear name or brand identification

The priority is to make your name or brand identity as straightforward as possible. Your logo has to stand out and your name, so the person sees the card and immediately knows who you are. It’s better to have a logo as well, as it can give your name better brand retention.

  • Contact details

The goal of printing business cards is to get someone to reach out to you. Therefore, you must clarify your contact details as well. Give them multiple channels to reach you, such as social media, LinkedIn profiles, even a QR code. But don’t crowd the card with your details. Determine which contact methods are best for you and highlight those.

  • Tagline

For even better brand retention, come up with a clever, catchy, or memorable tagline. Keep the catchphrase located beneath your brand indicator or your name, but you don’t have to make it stand out over the other more pertinent details.

  • Website

Having a website clearly indicated is crucial in printing business cards. Businesses these days should be accessible through their website. It’s a way to showcase their company, brand, products, services, and other offerings. If you’re an individual, you want this website to represent you and what you do. Make sure it’s also evident on the card.

Make sure your business cards are printed with crisp, quality printing. Print Time emphasizes the importance of quality printing. Outstanding printing on a business card suggests that the company or the individual has attention to detail and lends a more professional, reputable image.

Print Time delivers high-quality business cards with numerous colors and options. Visit the website to check your options.

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