Print Time Shares Creative Ways To Print Your Menus

You’ll almost immediately think of the menu when you think of restaurant printing. It’s the most important type of printed material in any dining establishment. It needs to have a design that’s both clear but eye-catching, interesting but can convey information about the food, and most of all, it must highlight the most important aspects of each dish.

Here are some great ways to transform your menu into a work of art.

  • Color Pop for Highlighting

Even as simple as a black-and-white theme may be, adding one pop of bright color to contrast the monochrome (such as yellow) works. The great thing about a single new color to pop among monochromes is that when added in different sections, the eye is drawn to each highlighted area one after another. Restaurant printing aims to draw the eyes to something the chef wants to highlight, so use it to point out the main course or special deals.

  • Faux Chalkboard

Chalkboard menus are very popular among restaurant displays, but a creative approach is to print chalk-textured white text and hand-drawn graphics onto black paper. They’re an unusual reverse from the typical white paper, dark printed menu, and you can get creative with borders and graphics on them. It gives the appearance of a handheld chalkboard menu.

  • Old Fashioned Menu

Vintage and rustic menus have been increasingly popular. They’re both cost-effective and elegant, showing off swirling, old-style fonts. They can also be quite tactile, such as using handmade or antique-style paper. It gives the true air of an old-fashioned restaurant. Printing them also won’t cost as much as they only need black ink to print.

  • Headlines/Newspaper Print

This menu style displays the restaurant name as the boilerplate and the entrees, corresponding images as articles and headlines. It’s a great way to catch your patrons’ attention with varying weights of type and gives you opportunities to maximize the space.

PrintTime believes that creative restaurant printing can make all the difference in how customers perceive your brand. Think out of the box and remember that presentation matters with menus, just like with food.

Get creative, high-quality printing for your restaurant menus with PrintTime. Visit the website to learn more about available printing services.

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