Print Time Discusses Black & White Print vs. Color Printing

For companies, the printing method to any project can be restricted by different parameters—cost, efficiency, and output. One of the chief concerns they may have is the difference in printing methods around color.

Both black and white printing and color printing have their benefits and disadvantages.

 Cost Efficiency

Printing cartridges for black and white are much cheaper and more cost-efficient for businesses. They only require one cartridge for use in a printer. Color cartridges typically use the CMYK standard, requiring at least four cartridges to operate. They are more expensive. There could be six cartridges or more for more specialized photo printing.


Black and white printing is typically used for formal papers such as corporate documents, whitepapers, and books. Color printing is more flexible and extensive in use, most ideal for advertising, promotional products, and more. Though black and white printing can also be used, color attracts attention and draws the eye, making them more ideal for marketing purposes.


Black and white printing present a more formal or serious approach. They’re recommended for presenting findings, data, statistics, and academic files. Because colors are more attention-grabbing, they’re better for infographics and images. They are also more helpful in visual representation rather than textual findings.

Which Should Your Company Use?

Ultimately, the type of printing you select should depend on your company’s purposes. For marketing and advertising purposes, color is the way to go. Branding, packaging, posters, and graphics require color to grab potential customer attention. Color printing costs more and would likely use more complex printing methods, but they’re worth the advertising investment.

However, black and white cost-efficiency and formality will be the better option for formal documentation, data files, formal papers, and reports. It costs less, especially in high volumes, prints much faster than color, and is more easily read for data.

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