Print Time offers March Madness Print Ideas

A highlight of the NCAA® is coming to Kansas City this March 24 and 26 — the March Madness®! This is an exciting time of the year when collegiate basketball teams battle it out to be hailed the Champions.  

This is also perfect for businesses, as March Madness® is a massive opportunity. Many customers will likely resonate with it, and it would also draw in crowds. But before anything else, it is worth pointing out that the NCAA fiercely protects its trademarks — and March Madness is one of them. As such, if you are trying to advertise, make sure you shy away from trademarked terminology. 

Here are a few ideas to spruce up your sales with the basketball madness this March.  

  1. Promotional items — Basketball tournaments are always rife with promotional items. Print Time can help you create basketball-related products to hop on the March Madness wagon. Think foam fingers, key chains, shot glasses, magnets, or t-shirts. And if you create brilliant, engaging designs, your customers will likely use their products during the games themselves, which will land you a lot of exposure.  
  1. Host parties or events — Print Time can help you create a beautiful customized invitation to a watch party that you can host in your store or for your VIPs. If not a watch party, then you can host a basketball-themed event. For example, you can have a basketball hoop in your store, and customers get a discount for every basket they make — provided they buy something, of course!  
  1. Print materials — Brochures, flyers, banners, and posters will be everywhere during March Madness. Don’t be left behind; make sure your business also leverages the massive event.  

There are countless opportunities to make more sales during this madness — and whatever gimmick you could think of would probably benefit from print materials. Contact Print Time today to learn how we can help you execute your March Madness print ideas.  


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