Print Time On How To Achieve Print Savings

Print savings is always critical to running a business, particularly regarding new campaigns or rehashing old ones. Here are some ideas to keep your print costs affordable without compromising quality.

Better layout

Maximizing the area where you print your images is an excellent way to decrease your production cost. This could be done by either reducing the margins to 0.75″ from the default 1.25″ or utilizing both sides of the paper for printing. The two options would give you a chance to save money by decreasing the amount of paper you would have to print on.

Customize your font

Your typeface could also play a role in print savings. Choosing the best type of text can be challenging, but you want one that showcases your brand identity while being cost-efficient. Some fonts are eco-friendly — for example, Ecofont, which has tiny holes in each letter — that could reduce the amount of ink that will be utilized. However, ensure that your typeface complements your brand style, as you don’t want to compromise your reputation for a few savings.

Be particular with your paper

Keeping your documents in a commonly used format would be cheaper to print than oddly shaped ones, as the type of paper is readily available. Printing an oddly shaped document can lead to much wastage as it may require trimming it to your desired size. Remember that the paper’s price would also depend on the quality you use and that cheaper may only sometimes be better, as poorer quality paper can yield a lackluster print. Plus, if you go with a double-sided printout, the cheap paper can have ink bleeding on the other side, which can compromise your materials.

You can achieve print savings with a high-quality printing partner. Visit us today at Print Time to learn how we can help you.

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