Print Time on Effective Way to Utilize Brochures

Print Time still gets a lot of business in brochure printing. Far from being obsolete—brochures remain popular physical marketing options for businesses, especially when they want their customers to have tangible copies of their products and services they can take home and refer to. Physical marketing like brochures has a more profound effect on consumers as it’s something they can see, touch, and observe in a tactile way.

There are many effective ways to maximize the use of brochures.

Combine digital and print

Brochures are excellent physical marketing pieces, but they become even better when combined with a digital connection. Adding a QR code that turns it into a discount coupon or a link that directs to your website allows you to make most of the brochure printing. Customers are also less likely to throw them out with a hidden value like this one.

Make your special offers more attractive

To prevent your audience from simply throwing out the brochures, don’t forget to make sure that any deals and special offers on the pamphlet are attractive. Don’t be afraid of printing a significant discount or fantastic rates on promos on your brochures—your customers won’t throw those out and keep them to refer back to if they’re interested enough. They might also take it in-store to confirm that you’re running the promotion.

Make the brochures user-friendly

Before printing brochures, make sure that your target audience quickly understands them and that they are user-friendly. You might think that brochures are a no-brainer—but user-friendliness in brochures isn’t about the folds. It’s about the readers’ short attention span, clear recognition of your brand, and instantly conveying the message to them.

Finally, the most crucial tip is to remember that there is a lot of competition. Other businesses are prolific in brochure use, and the audience has a limited attention span. Ensure that you maximize your brochures for the best ROI.

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