The Best Summer Printing Tips from Print Time

Printing is high in demand during summer. This season is when business picks up at Print Time, as there are numerous celebrations, events, and business opportunities throughout the city. Consider the following tips to ensure you get the best prints for your wedding invitations, event posters, celebratory banners, and all your summer advertising promos.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

People react strongly to bright colors during the summer, which indicate leisure and enjoyment. It’s time to remove the monochromes or the strictly neutral colors. Get creative with your designs and use geometrics, fractals, and splashes of colors here and there—there’s nothing wrong with vibrant colors. Summer printing is a time of exploration.

Pick Good Canvas

Canvas paper or canvas mattes are some of the most excellent mediums to print on for the summer. The colors are vibrant, durable, and look more professional and expensive than standard boards and papers.

Choose Vivid Imagery

Make things more eye-catching when you use photographs. Choose bright, inviting images with high vibrance and saturation. Just remember that this doesn’t mean burning the colors out. Have a professional post-process the photos before your summer printing plan so that the photographs come out at their best.

Customize Everything

Another great way to garden attention with your summer printing, especially print advertising, is to make sure everything is customized. From the branding on your store walls to the calling cards your team hands out to clients, make sure everything is customized, on brand, and creative. The people who see your branding and the materials will associate this quality with your company.


Make the most of the summer: printing your best designs means looking for professionals who can deliver the vivid results you want.


Ensure that your photos, graphics, and other materials are fine-tuned for the best quality printing. Contact Print Time to learn more about your options.

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