Print Time Recommends Eco-Friendly Printing Options for 2023

Are you planning on stepping up your printing for 2023? Eco-friendly printing is the way to go, with newer, more sustainable printing mediums and methods that will provide green business owners with everything they need. You will have the resources to maintain a steady supply of quality printed marketing collaterals and the peace of mind of knowing that your printed materials won’t contribute to environmental harm.

LED UV Printing

Looking for a greener, more sustainable option for a business that needs plenty of brochures, flyers, and other promotional handouts or papers? LED UV printing is a cost-effective and environmentally sound answer. The UV light printing method’s benefits include quick or instant drying compared to regular inkjets or typeset printing. Aside from being one of the most popular and high-quality eco-friendly printing options, the colors are also more vivid, with clean lines and a more lasting impact.

Carbon Balanced Printing

Carbon-balanced printing is a method that allows environmentally-conscious companies to calculate and offset the carbon impact of their printing correctly through carbon-balanced printing. Both the printer and paper need to be accredited as “carbon-balanced.” This means that both the printer’s materials and the paper are biodegradable and made with low average CO2 used to produce them. The CO2 typically produced throughout the paper-making process would have been offset from source, production, and delivery.

Foil Printing

Sustainable is also creative! Try foil if you want standout eco-friendly printing in 2023. All foils are recyclable, so printing has been rapidly receiving popularity as a beautiful, creative, and fun way to make prints eye-catching. Use them as accents to your printed material, especially for company cards, posters, postcards, and printed décor. Foil printing utilizes heat and pressure to adhere a foil to specific areas of your print. Not only does this create stunning designs that range from metallic to holographic, but it’s an opportunity to take your printing to the next level with multi-dimensional prints.

These creative options are just the tip of the iceberg of sustainable, eco-friendly printing. Be eco-friendly in 2023 with these great styles and elevate your printed materials creatively and ecologically.

Make eco-friendly printing your business’ New Year’s resolution. Visit us today to ask about eco-friendly options for your company’s prints.

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