Print Time Shares Tips on How to Keep Your Print Cost Low

Keeping the print cost low is an unspoken rule for people who do their printing at home or the office. After all, printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on earth by the gallon. Print Time has found that many customers choose cheaper alternatives as they fear that the higher quality printing or paper will drive the overall cost of the print job. But some great tricks help you keep the prices low without compromising quality.

  • Get a cost-effective printer.

Not all printers are built the same. You need to research out what printer will be good for keeping the print cost down. If you print often, you might want to consider one with an ink tank that you can easily and more cheaply refill. But if you prefer to publish images and photos, you’ll want a quality printer that can produce high-definition printing instead.

  • Print in black and white as much as possible.

In an office, you’re likely to be printing a lot of paperwork. Print in black and white for more cost efficiency, so you’re not using up the color ink in your printers. It’s a lot cheaper to get black ink than it is to get the other shades.

  • Print your paperwork two-sided.

Sometimes, the low print cost is not about the printer—sometimes, it’s the paper. Lots of paperwork consume reams of paper. But if you use a two-sided printing option, you can cut your paper consumption in half.

  • Proof before hitting that print button.

It’s happened to everyone: they print something out and find a mistake. Then it needs to get again. This uses up more ink and paper. Carefully proof everything that you print before hitting the print button. You’ll be less likely to do any repeats and waste resources.

Keeping the print cost down doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality. Sometimes, it’s just about being mindful of what’s getting printed and what you can do to cut down.

Great printing technology reduces the chances of errors and having to reprint again. Visit Print Time to learn about high-quality printing for all your needs.

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