Print Time Shares Ways to Market Your Business and Make it Stand Out

Your business stands to gain a lot of attention with the right type of physical marketing. In a world that’s increasingly digital and all the target audiences getting bombarded with advertisements online, it’s a lot easier for a business to stand out and gain some ground through physical, printed marketing. Here are some highly effective methods to make sure that people in the real world give you real attention.

  • Use business cards, brochures, posters, and flyers. Some people might ask: why do all of this when you can just post graphics online? You still can, but compounding that campaign with a physical one lends more credibility to your brand. People react better mentally and emotionally to tangible marketing products like business cards, posters, and brochures. And as another advantage, you can add a link or a QR code to printed materials. So even while people are on the go, they can simply scan your card or flyer and get redirected to more comprehensive, digital versions of the information.
  • Get more creative, be original. Creative, well-printed physical marketing material will stick in people’s minds. Offering a free donut with sprinkles in the same colors as your brand as you give them a flyer or a business card will make people more interested than just posting a Facebook ad. And this type of freebie strategy makes people remember the positive experience, prompting an excellent brand recall.
  • Give them the merch. Go for a different kind of printing. Merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, and other souvenir items are virtually free advertising billboards. Some people love getting a freebie, especially if it’s an item they might commonly use, and with your branding on it, it’s likely to spread the name out to wherever this person goes.

There’s a lot of creativity and ingenuity that could come from using printing as a means to make your business’ brand stand out above the rest of the field. But above all, you’re proving you’re willing to go the extra mile for customers, and that’s undoubtedly going to get their attention.

Not all printing is the same. Different needs require different printing methods. Find what the best one is for your project with PrintTime.


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